Two Tickets to Paradise
Season 1, Episode 2
2nd overall episode of Man with a Plan
Two Tickets to Paradise (1)
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Airdate October 31, 2016
Written by Jackie and Jeff Filgo
Directed by James Burrows
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"The Puppet Theater"

Two Tickets to Paradise is the second episode of the first season of Man with a Plan, which was aired on October 31, 2016.

Plot Edit

When a vendor gives Adam two tickets to a Pittsburgh Steelers game, he offers to take his brother and business partner Don as a thank-you for Don covering him at work while he tends to the kids. Andi later sees the tickets and assumes Adam is taking her to celebrate the anniversary of their first date, which was also at a Steelers game, causing Adam to have to decide whom to disappoint.

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Directed by:

Written by:

Produced by:

  • Jeff Fligo
  • Jackie Fligo
  • Matt LeBlanc
  • Tim Kaiser
  • Suzy Mamann Greenberg
  • Michael Rotenberg
  • Troy Zien
  • Stewart Halpern-Fingerhut

Trivia Edit

  • Director James Burrows made his reunion with Matt LeBlanc from their TV show Friends.
  • Kevin Nealon and Kali Rocha are both first appearance in this episode.

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