The Three Amigos
Season 1, Episode 12
12th overall episode of Man with a Plan
The Three Amigos
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Airdate February 6, 2017
Written by Jordan Reddout & Gus Hickey
Directed by Phill Lewis
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"The Three Amigos" is the twelfth episode of the first season of Man with a Plan, which was aired on February 6, 2017.

Plot Edit

Adam is less than thrilled when Andi invites Lowell over to watch the hockey game with him and Don, but Adam's attitude changes when he learns Lowell can make a killer multimedia presentation for a construction client the Burns Brothers are trying to woo. Don takes this as a slap in the face, given that he's always handled sales his own way. Elsewhere, Mrs. Rodriguez confesses to Andi that she had an erotic dream about Adam.

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Written by:

  • Jordan Reddout & Gus Hickey

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  • Despite being credited Grace Kaufman and Matthew McCann were both not appeared in this episode.

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