The Parents Strike Back
Season 2, Episode 3
25th overall episode of Man with a Plan
The Parents Strike Back
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Airdate November 27, 2017
Written by Rob Des Hotel
Directed by Andy Cadiff
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"The Parents Strike Back" is the third episode of the second season of Man with a Plan, and the twenty-fifth episode overall, which was aired on November 27, 2017.

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Frustrated by the messes in their kids' bedrooms, Adam and Andi decide to withhold allowances until the rooms are cleaner. Kate convinces her younger siblings they can break their parents by just letting the filth build up even more, so the kids tell mom and dad they are on strike. Taking a tip from Joe, Adam and Andi decide to retaliate by making things as miserable as possible for their children.

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Andi: There's my sexy gardener.
Adam: Yeah.
Andi: I like you in those little green gloves.
Adam: Oh, these old things? (CHUCKLES) Just something I threw on. I'd already be done if you let me use that weed killer in the garage. I'm being punished just because Teddy used to... and I repeat, used to... lick the shrubs.
Andi: Okay, well, everything's looking good inside. The kids are cleaning their rooms, I got the laundry done. Now, I just have to figure out what that smell upstairs is.
Adam: I smelled that, too. I didn't say anything because I love you, and I thought It was you.
Adam: Hey! That came from Teddy's window. (SCOFF) It's like a Dumpster back here. Well, now we know how he cleans his room.
Andi: And where the Funyuns went. I'm sorry I blamed you.
Adam: Mm-hmm Throwing trash out the window? He gets that from your side of the family.
Andi: (SCOFF) Don't overreact.
Adam: I'm not overreacting. I am reacting.
Andi: Okay, but-but you got to admit, for the most part, our-our kids are pretty darn adequate. I mean they brush their teeth.
Adam: Emme doesn't.
Andi: They-they do well in school.
Adam: Teddy doesn't.
Andi: They still hug us.
Adam: Katie doesn't.
Andi: Okay, well, Kate puts "XO" at the end of her texts. That's a kiss and a hug.
Adam: Yeah. To a robot

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