The fourth and final season of Man with a Plan, an American sitcom created by Jackie and Jeff Filgo, which was premiered on CBS on April 2 and concluded on June 11, 2020.

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  • Nancy Lenehan as Alice

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  • On May 10, 2019, it was renewed fourth season by CBS when it was likely renewal.
  • The series would film in August 2019 and wrapping up in December 2019.[1]
  • On January 28, 2020, the series has the new premiere date and time-slot on Thursday, April 2, 2020 at 8:30 PM, replacing The Unicorn.[2]
  • The season consisted of 13 episodes.
  • On May 6, 2020, the series has been cancelled after four seasons making the third cancellation for LeBlanc's comedy with his other CBS comedy TV 101 and the Friends spin-off Joey.[3][4]
  • This series will be replaced by B Positive.

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No. in series No. in season Image Title Air date Director Writer
57 1 S4E1 The V-Word April 2, 2020 Ben Weiss Gregg Mettler
When Andi complains of persistent headaches, her doctor thinks it might be hormonal and suggests she stop taking birth control pills. As Adam's sex life with Andi declines, Lowell suggests that he get a full earshot of Andi. Adam is horrified at the idea, and does all he can to avoid it. In the end, Andi learns her headaches are due to too much caffeine, and goes back on the pill.
58 2 S4E2 Adam's Big Little Lie April 9, 2020 Terry Hughes Jamie Lissow
After having a conversation with Teddy about his lying, Andi tells Adam he sets a bad example with all his little white lies. Adam promises to stop, but soon Joe puts him in a bad position; he needs a pacemaker but doesn't want Bev to know, and he asks Adam to be with him in the hospital. Joe suggests they go to Marcy for a cover story to explain them being gone all night, saying the two have formed an alliance to keep the family in line. Sure enough, Adam and Joe are caught in the lie, and it turns out Bev knew all along.
61 5 S4E3 The Ex Files April 9, 2020 Terry Hughes Steve Joe
Adam and Don see a text from Lowell's ex-wife Jen on the phone he left behind, asking him to meet her for a drink. Concerned about his heart being broken again, they try to hide it from him, but Lowell finds out and is excited about possibly getting back together with Jen. Andi and Adam go to the hotel to inquire about Jen's true intentions, and learn that she's marrying someone else. Meanwhile, Adam asks Kate to check on Joe because he's not answering his phone. Kate walks in on Joe and Bev having sex, leaving her traumatized.
59 3 S4E4 Going All the Way April 16, 2020 Terry Hughes Mark Gross
When Teddy says he wants to ask his study buddy Makayla on a real date, Adam and Andi argue over which of them can give Teddy the best dating advice. Their advice only makes things weird, causing Makayla's mother to confront them. Adam and Andi eventually agree that Kate would be the best person to smooth things over with Makayla.
60 4 S4E5 Winner Winner Chicken Salad April 23, 2020 Terry Hughes Jackie and Jeff Filgo
Adam encourages Don to give himself food poisoning to get out of babysitting his destructive grandson. Also, Adam and Andi argue over who has to take Kate and her teenage friends dress shopping.
62 6 S4E6 Couples Therapy April 30, 2020 Terry Hughes Gregg Mettler
Adam buys a boat without telling Andi, and spends the next few days before it's delivered trying to trick her into making the boat her idea. When Andi doesn't bite, Adam agrees to couples therapy after learning from Don about his "ringer" therapist, Dr. Chuck, who always agrees with the husband. Unfortunately, when they arrive at the office, Adam learns he and Andi will be counseled by Dr. Felicia.
63 7 S4E7 Dude, Where's My Boat? April 30, 2020 Ben Weiss Farhan Arshad
Adam notices his boat missing from the driveway, only to see it reappear a little later. He teams up with Lowell to find the culprit, strongly suspecting that Joe took it in order to spend time with Don, but Adam couldn't be more wrong. Meanwhile, Kate starts a job at a mall clothing store. When her boss says she has assistant manager potential, Kate tells Andi that she no longer wants to attend college.
64 8 S4E8 Adam's Not Sorry May 7, 2020 Terry Hughes Tommy Johnagin
When Adam and Don disagree about a new house to flip for their construction business, their bickering reveals bigger issues in their relationship. Also, Andi goes to great lengths to throw the perfect birthday party for Bev.
65 9 S4E9 Stuck in the Middle with You May 14, 2020 Anthony Rich Jessica Runck
Andi's mother Alice makes a surprise visit and, as usual, Adam gets put in the middle as a "buffer" whenever Alice or Andi want to communicate bad news to the other. This becomes especially difficult for Adam when Alice tells him that she's divorcing Andi's father. Adam forces mother and daughter to go out, have a few drinks, and finally communicate with each other. This backfires when Andi comes home and says they got along so well that she wants her mom to stay longer.
66 10 S4E10 Full Metal Teddy May 21, 2020 Anthony Rich John Jack O'Brien
When Teddy's grades are horrible, Adam threatens to send him to military school, but Teddy calls his bluff and says military school might be just what he needs. Knowing they can't afford military school, Adam and Andi try to come up with alternative ways to straighten out their son. Unknown to them, Kate is secretly helping Teddy navigate their parents' punishments. However, Adam has an ace up his sleeve: putting Teddy through the military school of Joe.
67 11 S4E11 Adam and Andi See Other People May 28, 2020 Anthony Rich Tommy Johnagin
After learning that Don and Marcy blew them off to go out with another couple, Adam and Andi seek out a different couple to hang with. Their attempt doesn't work out well when they have dinner with a couple of vegan Bhuddists. After conversing with Lowell, Adam and Andi realize that their perfect couple friends are Don and Marcy. It turns out Don and Marcy have quickly grown tired of their other friends, and they reconcile with Adam and Andi.
68 12 S4E12 Driving Miss Katie June 4, 2020 Anthony Rich Steve Joe
Adam has trouble helping Kate learn to drive, but she surprisingly passes her driving test at the DMV. At the same time, Adam learns his own license expired three months ago and he has to take a written refresher test, which he fails. Adam then has difficulty with Kate gaining the freedom that a driver's license provides. Elsewhere, Don turns to Lowell for assistance with romancing Marcy.
69 13 S4E13 Happy Ann-RV-sary June 11, 2020 Gail Mancuso Mark Gross
After hearing how Don learned one of Marcy's secret desires and took her on a balloon ride for their 25th anniversary, Adam is determined to do something equally special for his and Andi's 20th anniversary. He enlists Lowell to find out something Andi secretly likes, but Andi figures out what Lowell is doing and uses him as a double agent to get what she wants. Undeterred, Adam decides to recreate the RV trip he and Andi took on their honeymoon, which Andi secretly hated, and they take Don and Marcy along. After a rough night in the woods, Adam truly surprises Andi by parking the RV at a resort she has been wanting to visit for a long time.

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