The second season of Man with a Plan, an American sitcom created by Jackie and Jeff Filgo, premiered on CBS on November 13, 2017. It was produced by Double Double Bonus Entertainment, 3 Arts Entertainment, in association with CBS Television Studios. The season contains 21 episodes and concluded airing on May 21, 2018.

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  • On March 23, 2017, CBS renewed for a second season (along with Kevin Can Wait and The Big Bang Theory).
  • On November 1, 2017, it was announced that the second season would premiere on Monday, November 13 at 8:30 p.m. replacing axed episode out comedy Me, Myself & I.
  • On CBS and CBS All Access.
  • The season will consist of 21 episodes on November 21, 2017.
  • This is the only season without a Thanksgiving episode.

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No. in series No. in season Image Title Air date Director Writer
23 1 The Silver Fox (2) "The Silver Fox" November 13, 2017 Andy Cadiff Mark Gross
To give Kate a break from babysitting, Andi hires a young volunteer from her hospital named Sophia to watch the kids. While Adam worries that Sophia will become attracted to a "silver fox" like himself, Andi is more jealous that Kate goes to Sophia for advice. Sophia later tells Adam she has the hots for him, but when he tells Andi, she doesn't believe him.
24 2 Andi's Boyfriend "Andi's Boyfriend" November 20, 2017 Andy Cadiff Tommy Johnagin
Adam gets a visit from Pastor Carl, who is making amends for a past gambling addiction. Pastor Carl says he gambled away money that he was supposed to use to renew his license to wed people, meaning Adam and Andi are not legally married. Making matters worse, Pastor Carl was not Andi's first choice, but the frugal Adam hired him because he was cheaper. Adam tries to set up a renewal of vows with a licensed official, without telling Andi about Carl.
25 3 The Parents Strike Back (1) "The Parents Strike Back" November 27, 2017 Andy Cadiff Rob Des Hotel
Frustrated by the messes in their kids' bedrooms, Adam and Andi decide to withhold allowances until the rooms are cleaner. Kate convinces her younger siblings they can break their parents by just letting the filth build up even more, so the kids tell mom and dad they are on strike. Taking a tip from Joe, Adam and Andi decide to retaliate by making things as miserable as possible for their children.
26 4 Into The Weeds "Into The Weeds" December 4, 2017 Gail Mancuso Jackie and Jeff Filgo
When Adam finds out that a boy Kate is dating was caught by his mother possessing marijuana, he wants to be strict with Kate while Andi opts for a more relaxed approach. Adam learns that Joe, who was always strict with him and Don about drugs, has a pot prescription for his arthritis. Things get interesting when Adam unknowingly eats some of Joe's "special" gummy candy.
27 5 Battle of The Sexists "Battle of The Sexists" December 11, 2017 Andy Cadiff Ethan Sandler & Adrian Wenner
Andi accuses Adam and Don of being sexist when they only interview male candidates for a shop foreman position on the mall project. Adam soon hires a female named Zara, partly to please Andi but also because she is the most qualified for the job. Andi regrets her accusation against Adam when Don recognizes the pretty new shop foreman as a former dancer at a strip club. Meanwhile, Adam and Andi fight the school to allow Kate to play on the boys soccer team.
28 6 Adam Gets Neighborly "Adam Gets Neighborly" December 18, 2017 Victor Gonzalez Tommy Johnagin & Farhan Arshad
After Adam has alienated most of the neighbors, Andi suggests they start fresh with new neighbors Joy and Rudy, who have just moved in. But there's a problem: Adam has already gotten on the bad side of Joy, a building inspector, when she visited his job site.
29 7 We Can Be Heroes "We Can Be Heroes" January 15, 2018 Victor Gonzalez Gregg Mettler
Adam and Andi experience money problems with Teddy needing glasses and Kate needing braces. The two make a budget and decide to give up some luxuries, mainly Adam's cable sports subscription, which has Don, Joe and Lowell upset because they are always at the house watching games. Adam later forces Andi to give up her expensive hairdresser, after Joe discovers she had it listed as a necessity, not a luxury.
30 8 Lice Lice Baby "Lice Lice Baby" January 22, 2018 Gail Macunso Farhan Arshad
Adam worries about how Lisa, his boss at the mall job site, will react when he has to bring Teddy and Emme to work. He gets even more worried when the Burns kids are diagnosed with lice, and he later sees Lisa scratching her head at an awards banquet. Meanwhile, Andi realizes how distant she's become from her kids when she is the only family member to not catch lice from them.
31 9 The Gunfight "The Gunfight" January 29, 2018 Andy Cardiff Gregg Mettler
Joe and Beverly prepare to watch the kids for a few days so that Adam and Andi can take a much-needed trip to Las Vegas. Andi worries a bit when Joe says he plans to teach Teddy to shoot Adam's old BB gun, then wants to pull the plug on the vacation when she learns that Joe also has real guns in the house. Joe and Adam take Andi to a shooting range to show her that guns are okay in responsible hands, but then it's Adam who worries when he sees Joe mistake his gun for his cellphone. Elsewhere, Don brings the BB gun to Lowell's house to help eradicate the woodchuck that is eating Lowell's tomatoes, but he ends up shooting Lowell.
32 10 Adam's Turtle-y Awesome Valentine's Day "Adam's Turtle-y Awesome Valentine's Day" February 5, 2018 Gail Macunso Jessica Runck
When Andi convinces Adam that she does not want to exchange gifts for Valentine’s Day, Adam takes the gold necklace with pictures of their three children that he’d already bought for Andi and gives it to Beverly. Unknown to Adam, Andi had just discovered the hidden necklace moments before Adam’s decision, and she is now looking forward to receiving it. Beverly is so giddy about the necklace that Adam is stuck with a difficult decision.
33 11 Guess Who's Coming to Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner "Guess Who's Coming to Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner" February 26, 2018 Victor Gonzalez Ethan Sandler & Adrian Wenner
When Adam gets tired of constantly having to accompany Beverly at bingo, he suggests to Andi that she get his mom a job as a hospital volunteer. Beverly loves the job, only to make Joe feel lonely. To compensate for his loneliness, Joe starts spending his time with Adam and Andi and expects them to wait on him like Beverly used to do.
34 12 Everybody's a Winner "Everybody's a Winner" March 5, 2018 Joanna Kerns Mark Gross
When a senior asks Kate to the spring dance at school, Adam is staunchly against it while Andi says Kate is mature enough to let her go. While discussing the issue with Joe, Lowell and Don, Adam learns Joe's "silent negotiation" technique. Adam tries it on Andi and, sure enough, she talks herself into realizing it's a bad idea to let Kate go on the date. But neighbor Joy soon tips off Andi to what Adam did, because her husband uses it on her, and she gives Andi a way to fight back.
35 13 The Party Planner "The Party Planner" March 12, 2018 Ben Weiss Rob Des Hotel
When Don and Marcy pass on Andi's birthday party planned by Adam, he replaces them with Joy and Rudy, despite Andi's protest that they should reschedule. While Adam insists that he can handle planning the party, Don and Marcy meet Joy and Rudy at a grocery store, throwing a wrench into Adam's scheme.
37 14 March Madness "March Madness" March 19, 2018 Victor Gonzalez Tommy Johnagin
When their schedules don't line up and they realize the kids will be alone for two hours after school, Adam and Andi hire Rudy to install security cameras inside and outside the house. Adam and Andi inadvertently make a sex tape, which inspires them to make another. The two then go on a wild chase for the tablet that has the footage when Beverly borrows it because hers broke down, then gives it to Don to give back to Adam. The tablet is subsequently picked up by Lowell, who mistook it for his own when he was at Don's house.
38 15 Out with the In-Laws "Out with the In-Laws" March 26, 2018 Victor Gonzalez Jackie and Jeff Filgo
Adam and Andi think they can finally be happily alone for a holiday when their feuding parents each back out of coming to the house on Easter Sunday because the other set of parents will be there. But the plans are threatened when Joe and Bev scheme to take the kids to Disney World for the holiday, while Andi's parents arrive a day early to claim "Easter Eve" for themselves.
39 16 April Fools "April Fools" April 9, 2018 Pamela Fryman Ethan Sandler & Adrian Wenner
While Adam, the kids, Don and Joe all enjoy pulling April Fool's pranks, Andi reminds Adam that she hates pranks due to a traumatic experience with one when she was seven years old. Adam is sure that an unscary, funny prank will change Andi's mind, but his attempts fail. Adam would have done better to be on his guard, because Andi has a surprise up her sleeve.
40 17 King for a Day "King for a Day" April 16, 2018 Victor Gonzalez Jessica Runck
After Andi discourages Adam from giving Emme a princess gown because it reinforces undesired female stereotypes, she mentions a lie she told Kate years ago for the same reason. Andi then defends her practice of telling little white lies to protect their children, which she calls "love bubbles". Adam seems to accept her explanation, until he realizes that Andi does the same to him, particularly with regard to a recliner he wanted to buy that she said was unsafe.
41 18 The Burns System "The Burns System" April 30, 2018 Victor Gonzalez Farhan Arshad
Adam is excited when Joe needs a new car and takes him along to learn the "Burns System" at the dealership, given that Joe has always had Don accompany him before. But when they get there, Adam is upset to learn that Joe asked Don to arrive at the last minute and be the "closer". Elsewhere, Andi and Marcy try to get rid of a pet snake that Emme brought home.
42 19 We Hate Money "We Hate Money" May 7, 2018 Victor Gonzalez Rob Des Hotel
Mall client Lisa tells Adam and Don that she has to go away for psychological treatment, and that her replacement wants a different contractor to take over for Burns Brothers. With no other prospects, Adam and Don decide they need to make a commercial, with Lowell's help. When the filming starts, Don is fine but Adam freezes on camera, leading to his part having to be played by someone else. Meanwhile, as the only current breadwinner, Andi is determined to ask for a raise at her job, only to learn that her department is being gutted and she's getting laid off.
43 20 We Got a Girl "We Got a Girl" May 14, 2018 Pamela Fryman Mark Gross
After Adam and Andi determine that Lisa's issues stem from her being lonely, they enlist help from Don, Marcy and Lowell to find a man for her in hopes of getting Adam back to work. They ultimately decide to set up Lisa with Leif Forrest, who helped on the Burns Brothers commercial, only to later learn that Leif is Lisa's ex-husband.
44 21 Family Business "Family Business" May 21, 2018 Victor Gonzalez Gregg Mettler
Andi proposes an exciting idea for Adam and her to go into business together when she isn’t able to find work. Also, Adam tackles the most challenging job of his life – renovating Joe and Bev’s kitchen.

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