The first season of Man with a Plan, an American sitcom created by Jackie and Jeff Filgo, premiered on CBS on October 24, 2016. It was produced by Double Double Bonus Entertainment, 3 Arts Entertainment, in association with CBS Television Studios. The season contains 22 episodes and concluded airing on May 15, 2017.

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  • On May 9, 2016, CBS ordered the pilot to series for a 19-episode season scheduled for a mid-season premiere.
  • It was announced that the first season would premiere on Monday, October 24 at 8:30/7:30c.
  • On CBS and CBS All Access.
  • The season consisted of 22 episodes.
  • This season was released from DVD on November 16, 2018.

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No. in series No. in season Image Title Air date Director Writer
1 1 Pilot (episode) Pilot October 24, 2016 James Burrows Jackie and Jeff Filgo
When her youngest child Emme starts kindergarten, Andi Burns goes back to work, forcing Adam, her contractor husband, to spend more time at home taking care of their three kids. Adam is clearly out of his element, while the kids want their mom back after spending only one day with their father.
2 2 Two Tickets to Paradise Two Tickets to Paradise October 31, 2016 James Burrows Jackie and Jeff Filgo
When a vendor gives Adam two tickets to a Pittsburgh Steelers game, he offers to take his brother and business partner Don as a thank-you for Don covering him at work while he tends to the kids. Andi later sees the tickets and assumes Adam is taking her to celebrate the anniversary of their first date, which was also at a Steelers game, causing Adam to have to decide whom to disappoint.
3 3 The Puppet Theater The Puppet Theater November 7, 2016 James Burrows Alex Herschlag
When Mrs. Rodriguez accuses Adam of slacking in his role as Room Parent because he doesn't have time to make puppets for Teacher Appreciation Day, Adam threatens to transfer Emme into the other kindergarten class. This doesn't sit well with Andi, who considers Mrs. Rodriguez a superior teacher and says she had to do a lot of "butt kissing" to get Emme into her class.
4 4 Un-Dressed Un-Dressed November 14, 2016 Pamela Fryman Jordan Reddout & Gus Hickey
After repeatedly being forced out of the house by Andi and the kids, Adam and Don want to turn the garage into a "man cave", but there's a problem – boxes and boxes of junk that Andi refuses to get rid of because they represent family memories.
5 5 Thanksgiving (episode) Thanksgiving November 21, 2016 James Burrows Mark Gross
Adam brings Emme's lunch to school and catches Andi secretly meeting with Mrs. Rodriguez about an upcoming Thanksgiving meal for 30 at the school. Andi tells Adam she didn't think he could handle this task, which hurts Adam enough that he wants to prove her wrong.
6 6 Holey War Holey War December 5, 2016 James Burrows Tommy Johnagin
When the kids put a hole in the wall with their rowdy play, Adam's and Andi's different approaches to parenting are put to the test. Each tries to get the kids to turn on each other and identify the culprit, but the resolve of their children is surprisingly strong.
7 7 Winter Has Come Winter Has Come December 12, 2016 James Burrows Farhan Arshad
To get out of his usual Christmas chores, Adam convinces Andi's parents to host a family Christmas at their home in Virginia Beach. He orders all of the kids' gifts online and has them delivered to Virginia Beach, but his plan backfires when they get snowed in on the day of their trip. Forced to improvise, Adam has to pull off a "Christmas miracle" to avoid disappointing the kids and angering Andi.
8 8 Adam Steps Up Adam Steps Up December 19, 2016 Pamela Fryman Gregg Mettler
Andi tries to take Emme and Teddy to the zoo, but gets stuck in traffic for hours. This causes Adam to have to deal with Kate getting her first period without Andi's help.
9 9 What About Bob What About Bob? January 2, 2017 Pamela Fryman Tommy Johnagin
After Andi confesses that one of her new work friends is a man named Bob, she is surprised and a little hurt when Adam doesn't exhibit his usual jealousy. She then tells fake stories to enhance Bob's charm and talents, not knowing that Adam was jealous all along and was just trying to hide it.
10 10 A Dinner Gone Wrong A Dinner Gone Wrong January 16, 2017 Pamela Fryman Mark Gross
The Burns' plans for a couples trip to Las Vegas with Don and Marcy are put in jeopardy when Andi realizes that Marcy is the girl who teased her and gave her an unflattering nickname back in high school. Meanwhile, Teddy stops hanging out with the few friends he has in school to spend all of his free time with his online gaming buddies, making his parents concerned.
11 11 The Talk The Talk January 23, 2017 Pamela Fryman Alex Herschlag
When Andi and Adam find a topless woman's photo on Teddy's tablet, Andi makes Adam have "the talk" with his son, saying she took care of it with Kate. After an uncomfortable talk that shocks Teddy, Adam learns that the newly body-conscious Kate was the one looking at the topless photo out of curiosity, and that Kate learned about sex from a school health class, not from Andi.
12 12 The Three Amigos The Three Amigos February 6, 2017 Phill Lewis Jordan Reddout & Gus Hickey
Adam is less than thrilled when Andi invites Lowell over to watch the hockey game with him and Don, but Adam's attitude changes when he learns Lowell can make a killer multimedia presentation for a construction client the Burns Brothers are trying to woo. Don takes this as a slap in the face, given that he's always handled sales his own way. Elsewhere, Mrs. Rodriguez confesses to Andi that she had an erotic dream about Adam.
13 13 Valentine's Day Valentine's Day February 13, 2017 James Burrows Gregg Mettler
Adam has every detail for a fancy Valentine's Day dinner with Andi planned out, except getting a babysitter. After striking out with Marie and Lowell, Kate reminds her dad that she's 13 and can babysit. This pleases Adam, but Andi isn't so sure that Kate is ready. After Andi reluctantly agrees, she and Adam go to the restaurant and find that Don has stolen Adam's reservation.
14 14 Kate's First Date Kate's First Date February 20, 2017 Pamela Fryman Farhan Arshad
Kate is excited about going on her first date with a classmate named Royce, something that Andi approved without consulting Adam. After Adam checks Royce's Instagram page and sees that he may be a bit of a "player", he tries to scare the boy away. Meanwhile, Don can't think of a good gift for Marcy's birthday, so he seeks help from Lowell.
15 15 Assisted Living Assisted Living February 27, 2017 Pamela Fryman Jackie and Jeff Filgo
Adam's parents, Joe and Bev, stop by in their motor home for a visit. After Joe learns that Adam is now taking care of the kids, he and Bev propose they stay to help, and they begin to live in the Burns' driveway.
16 16 The A Team The A Team March 13, 2017 Pamela Fryman Alex Herschlag
Andi and Adam have Lowell and his wife Jen over for dinner, fully expecting Jen to be as lame as Lowell is, but Jen turns out to be pretty and interesting. Later, after Jen and Lowell appear to make up an excuse to leave, Andi and Adam start to think it is themselves who have become the lame couple.
17 17 Doctor No Doctor No March 20, 2017 Pamela Fryman Gregg Mettler
When Adam discovers that Joe hasn't been to the doctor in almost ten years, he urges his father to make an appointment. Andi soon also discovers that the doctor Adam says he's been going to annually retired five years ago. Joe, Adam and Don all get checkups with a new doctor, and the result is that Joe needs a colonoscopy. Meanwhile, Bev takes advantage of Lowell's kind nature by asking him to drive her everywhere.
18 18 The Blame Game The Blame Game April 10, 2017 James Burrows Tommy Johnagin
Adam and Don learn their wives don't get as mad at their screw-ups if they simply blame them on each other. Things take a turn for the worse for Adam when Andi finds out their scheme, especially because it dredges up baggage from their past.
19 19 Spring Fling Spring Fling April 17, 2017 Pamela Fryman Mark Gross
A problem arises when Lisa, the mall construction client, tells Adam that Don isn't professional enough to attend an upcoming meeting with HR and executives, causing Adam to try to find a way to let his brother down easy. With Adam busy, Andi offers to take some time off and be room parent for a while, mainly because she wants to schmooze Mrs. Rodriguez into recommending Emme for the "good" first grade class. Andi regrets this when Mrs. Rodriguez asks her to organize the entire Spring Fling for the kindergarteners.
20 20 Dirty Money Dirty Money May 1, 2017 James Burrows Farhan Arshad (story)
Jordan Reddout & Gus Hickey (teleplay)
Adam and Andi regret accepting a loan from Joe after he uses it as an excuse to insert himself into their lives. Bev and Marcy battle over who should host Don's birthday party. Meanwhile, Don panics when he learns from Lowell that Marcy donated his old laptop to the library.
21 21 Operation False Freedom Operation False Freedom May 8, 2017 Gail Mancuso Jackie and Jeff Filgo
Convinced that Kate lied to them about going to the library, but unable to prove it, Adam and Andi activate the GPS tracker on her phone. Kate discovers their ploy and throws them off her trail by planting the phone in Don's pocket. Andi and Adam find Kate innocently hanging out with friends at a coffee shop. While still mad that she deceived them, the two agree that Kate should have more freedom now that she's turned 14.
22 22 Buzzer Eater Buzzer Beater May 15, 2017 Gail Mancuso Gregg Mettler
Upon seeing Don and Marcy with their new granddaughter, Andi gets the itch to have another child. Adam insists they are too old, but after Emme refuses to kiss him when he drops her off at kindergarten, he also gets on board. When they later see Don and Marcy completely frazzled from spending a couple days with an infant, Adam and Andi regret their decision and have to sweat out the results of a pregnancy test.

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