Guess Who's Coming to Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Season 2, Episode 11
33rd overall episode of Man with a Plan
Guess Who's Coming to Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
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Airdate February 26, 2018
Written by Ethan Sandler & Adrian Wenner
Directed by Victor Gonzalez
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"Adam's Turtle-y Awesome Valentine's Day"
"Everybody's a Winner"

"Guess Who's Coming to Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner" is the eleventh episode of the second season of Man with a Plan, and the thirty-third episode overall, which was aired on February 26, 2018. It was written by Adrian Wenner & Ethan Sandler and was directed by Victor Gonzalez.

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When Adam gets tired of constantly having to accompany Beverly at bingo, he suggests to Andi that she get his mom a job as a hospital volunteer. Beverly loves the job, only to make Joe feel lonely. To compensate for his loneliness, Joe starts spending his time with Adam and Andi and expects them to wait on him like Beverly used to do.

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  • In this episode he usually being a doughnut overweight and since during Friends episode "The One With The Truth About London" where the character Joey was kissing Monica were he eats a lot.

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