Battle of The Sexists
Season 2, Episode 5
27th overall episode of Man with a Plan
Battle of The Sexists
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Airdate December 11, 2017
Written by Ethan Sandler & Adrian Wenner
Directed by Andy Cadiff
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"Battle of The Sexists" is the fifth episode of the second season of Man with a Plan, and the twenty-seventh episode overall, which was aired on December 11, 2017.

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Andi accuses Adam and Don of being sexist when they only interview male candidates for a shop foreman position on the mall project. Adam soon hires a female, partly to please Andi but also because she is the most qualified for the job. After regretting her accusation against Adam, Andi changes her tune when Don recognizes the pretty new shop foreman as a former dancer at a strip club. Meanwhile, Adam and Andi fight the school to allow Kate to play on the boys soccer team.

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Trivia Edit

  • Andi mention about Wonder Woman quote: "Why did we even go and watch Wonder Woman?"
  • Tassel Castle is the strip club right next to the airport.
  • Adam was telling Katie about the boys' soccer team, but he is really gross, then she was e-mail from the principal and she is not allowed to join the boys' team.
  • It reveal's that Zara was a stripper.
  • Andi get's Twitter with 18 followers.

Quotes Edit

Katie: Hey didn't you hear anything from school about me playing on the boys' soccer team?
Andi: Oh, not yet.
Adam: Are you sure you want really want to do this? I mean, I've been telling you since you were two: stay away from boys, they are gross.
Katie: I just want to be on the best team.
Adam: Okay, okay, but those boys only one more thing and it's not for you to play the goalie.
Andi: Honey, she's growing up. She's gonna be blocking a lot of balls.

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