Adam Gets Neighborly
Season 2, Episode 6
28th overall episode of Man with a Plan
Adam Gets Neighborly
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Airdate December 18, 2017
Written by Tommy Johnagin & Farhan Arshad
Directed by Victor Gonzalez
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"Battle of The Sexists"
"We Can Be Heroes"

"Adam Gets Neighborly" is the sixth episode of the second season of Man with a Plan, and the twenty-eighth episode overall, which was aired on December 18, 2017.

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After Adam has alienated most of the neighbors, Andi suggests they start fresh with new neighbors Joy and Rudy, who have just moved in. But there's a problem: Adam has already gotten on the bad side of Joy, a building inspector, when she visited his job site.

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  • Sherri Shepherd previously guest starred on Friends with Matt LeBlanc as Rhonda the tour guide in Season 4 Episode 11. Ross gets Joey a job working at the museum as a tour guide, where he meets Rhonda in the cafeteria.

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